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Helpful Hints

To eliminate messy oil spills during filter changes, place a 1 gallon zip-lock bag over the filter and the filter flange of the adapter. Loosen the filter and let the oil drain into the bag.

Before installing the filter on the adapter, thread the safety-wire through the safety-wire lug on the adapter and start the twist. This will make safety-wiring the filter easier and faster.

Engines with high times may have carboned threads in the oil screen housing which can prevent proper installation of the oil filter adapter. To eliminate this situation, F&M Enterprises Inc. loans thread chasers to it's customers for removal of carbon.

Always apply DC-4 compound or engine oil to the filter gasket before installing the filter. This will save you or your mechanic a great deal of frustration.

Never torque the filter more than 18ft/lbs.

Recently, El Reno Aviation closed their doors and auctioned off all items in their inventory including many F&M Oil Filter Adapters. The oil filter adapters are now being sold at very low prices on the internet and some F.B.O.s.


These adapters have been on the shelf for nearly 10 years. The oil filters have exceeded the manufacturers shelf life. Many of the adapters have corrosion due to a high moisture storage environment. Most do not have the correct gaskets. F&M made a change in gaskets and machining approximately 5 years ago. Without a thorough inspection by F&M personnel, F&M WILL NOT SUPPORT THESE ADAPTERS. We charge $200.00 for a thorough inspection. Request for new paperwork or gaskets will be compared to the serial numbers sold during auction.

Effective May 21, 2015 F&M Enterprises was acquired by and will be marketed under Tempest®
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