F & M Enterprises
Oil provides the necessary lubrication that ensures the life of your engine. Of course everyone knows that. They also remove harmful contaminants that can damage bearings, crankshafts, and score cylinder walls.

The question is, "do oil screens adequately filter oil"? Not necessarily! Most engine wear is caused by particles that range in size from 30 to 60 microns. Two hundred mesh oil screens trap particles that are 50 microns and larger in size. Oil filters, however, can remove particles as small as 10 microns. Which do you want filtering your engine's oil, a filter specifically designed to do the job, or a screen that might get the job done?
Recently, El Reno Aviation closed their doors and auctioned off all items in their inventory including many F&M Oil Filter Adapters. The oil filter adapters are now being sold at very low prices on the internet and some F.B.O.s.


These adapters have been on the shelf for nearly 10 years. The oil filters have exceeded the manufacturers shelf life. Many of the adapters have corrosion due to a high moisture storage environment. Most do not have the correct gaskets. F&M made a change in gaskets and machining approximately 5 years ago. Without a thorough inspection by F&M personnel, F&M WILL NOT SUPPORT THESE ADAPTERS. We charge $200.00 for a thorough inspection. Request for new paperwork or gaskets will be compared to the serial numbers sold during auction.

Effective May 21, 2015 F&M Enterprises was acquired by and will be marketed under Tempest®
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