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No Drips. No Spills. No Mess! The most time-consuming aspect of an oil change is the clean up. Easy Drain eliminates filter spills and that saves time and eliminates the messiest part of the chore. Easy Drain is unique. There's nothing else like it and once a mechanic tries it, whether he's a pro or the shadetree variety - he'll want one in his tool box.

We developed the initial concept for the aviation industry where often, oil filters are mounted vertically and inverted. The cleanup often took longer than the oil change. Since 1989, F&M Enterprises has designed and manufactured oil filter adapters and tools for the aircraft industry. It has been so popular that we took it one step further and developed Easy Drain for use on automobiles, pickups, boats, motorcycles, yard tractors ... just about anything that has an oil filter.
Easy Drain is quick, easy and efficient. It saves time and makes short work of cleanup. At $19.95, Easy Drain is an inexpensive addition to any toolbox.

Easy Drain is available in two sizes;
large - 3 1/2" inside diameter and
small - 3" inside diameter.
It's as Easy as 1...2...3! No Drips, No Spills, No Clean-Up!
Either size, just $19.95
and We'll Change the Way You Think About Changing Your Oil!
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Designed specifically for Continental engines!

Metal CheckTM Oil Analysis kits are now recognized by TCM and have been designed specifically for Continental engines.

The same State-of-the-Art Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy and Evaluation process we've used to monitor engine wear metals for over a quarter century, is now an even more integral part of Continental engine maintenance.

With our A.L.A.R.M. Results format and the innovative Value-Added features found at www.avlab.com, owners and maintenance personnel have access to statistical wear metals analysis for their specific Continental engine type from the largest results database on the planet.
Our Value Added Capabilities Include:
  • Viewing all of your Engine Results online - as numerical data
  • Charting & Graphing your Results online for various wear metals
  • Maintain & View Engine Compression data
  • "Real World Results" Statistical Analysis
  • Where to Purchase
    Instruction for Continued Airworthiness
    (ICAW) — in PDF format
    does not apply to Model T.A.F.-L

    Recently, El Reno Aviation closed their doors and auctioned off all items in their inventory including many F&M Oil Filter Adapters. The oil filter adapters are now being sold at very low prices on the internet and some F.B.O.s.


    These adapters have been on the shelf for nearly 10 years. The oil filters have exceeded the manufacturers shelf life. Many of the adapters have corrosion due to a high moisture storage environment. Most do not have the correct gaskets. F&M made a change in gaskets and machining approximately 5 years ago. Without a thorough inspection by F&M personnel, F&M WILL NOT SUPPORT THESE ADAPTERS. We charge $200.00 for a thorough inspection. Request for new paperwork or gaskets will be compared to the serial numbers sold during auction.